Copywriting for digital media

Blogs | Social media | Websites/SEO | Landing pages | Emails | Newsletters | E-flyers | Banner ads 

Copywriting for traditional media

Radio and TV scripts | Print ads | Billboards | Flyers/postcards | Brochures | Product descriptions

video production

Creative direction | Scripts | On-camera host | Interviews | Story development | Producing | Directing

Brand identity

If you need help marketing what you’re selling, I will lead you through a simple and collaborative process that will discover who you are by answering why you do what you do, how you do it and what you do. 


Great minds think together. A seemingly silly or tiny idea can grow into a mind-changing, problem-solving ad or campaign. I work alongside your team to develop creative concepts that meet your objectives and impact your audiences.


Friends don't let friends misuse you're, your, they're, their and there. AP style for the win. 

Resume writing & interview coaching

Talking about your accomplishments can be hard. Relating them to different fields of work is harder. Together, we create a resume that tells the story of where you've been, what you offer and why they should be along for the ride. Unexpected questions, pre-interview research, elevator pitches, post- interview follow up, wardrobe consultation and insights on salary negotiation are all part of the coaching sessions.  

Corporate Comms

Executive bios | Pitch books | Press releases | Training materials | HR / recruiting

graphic design

Print ads | Billboards | Flyers/postcards | Brochures | Newsletters | Emails | Banner Ads