megan wHITE copy and.

As a writer and creative for advertising, film and television, I have interviewed professional athletes and cancer survivors, mapped out marketing strategies with CEOs, authored taglines and social posts for your favorite brands, directed actors and reality show stars behind the camera, stepped up to the mic as the voice of a corporation, and took orders from award-winning directors as a proud, card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild.   

Let’s do more than solve a problem. Let’s make a difference. With a heart for positivity, my favorite projects allow me to tell stories of places with purpose and people doing good, and serve as a voice for those without one. But let’s be real - I’ll  write about burgers if you let me.

Words are hard. Let me help. Written, editorial and visual storytelling services backed by 15 years of professional experience delivering the right words and pictures in the best order on deadline. 


If you'd like to read my long-form work, get to know me better, or get you some hilarious gifs and killer workout tunes, head over to my blog Fiterature. Fair warning: sometimes we talk about feelings. And cheese. And baseball.